Syata Kitchens was founded in 1994 to create “the kitchen of your dreams,” providing custom designs to address both the individual homeowner’s needs and wants which may include options such as custom storage solutions, a safe environment for all members of the family, and time-saving functionalities that may include the arrangement of a cook space that cuts down on cleaning time.

Syata Kitchens pride ourselves on forming a relationship with our customer that drives simply amazing results beginning with that initial consultation to the clean up post installation creating a positive experience for homeowners and contractors utilizing our products and services.

Our pricing is rather competitive given the personalized service, selection, and quality products we offer including Holiday Kitchens.

Holiday Kitchens is one of the leading custom cabinet manufacturers in The United States offering quality, maintenance-free solutions to our customers, and truly limitless options at a time in which cabinet trends are really driving much of the choices and decisions homeowners are making. We are so very proud to offer such a quality choice in cabinetry.

Kitchen counter tops can be the most enjoyable step in the kitchen design or kitchen remodeling processing, as selecting a counter top that functions perfectly preventing stains and wear while selecting from nature’s beauty including granite, marble, quartz, and other materials. Our designer will help you select the perfect piece that will be your forever focal point within your gathering space, your dream kitchen!