Renovations to the kitchen offer a higher return than any other room in the house

Upgrade your kitchen

Research from all areas of the country all produce the same result and that is the kitchen remodel produces the biggest return of investment when comparing values and remodeling projects and investments.

Whether it is a complete kitchen remodel or an upgrade that is deemed to be a cosmetic face lift, the ROI is the highest when focused in the kitchen area.

The kitchen is commonly the area of the home that is either updated for functional purposes, aesthetic reasons, or for the sole purpose of maximizing value during the resale process.

How do you know if you should remodel your kitchen to sell your home?

Based upon market conditions, this may yield a quicker sale and it may be a factor in achieving maximized resale value when comparing your home with other properties in the area.

A common real estate adage says “kitchens sell houses,” and it’s true — for the most part.

Kitchens are definitely something buyers pay close attention to. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 58 percent of buyers who purchased in the last 12 months said having their preferred style of kitchen was extremely or very important to their home-buying decision.

So how do you know where to start? Contact a reputable dealer and/or designer. Look for dealers that specialize in kitchens vs. big box stores. Set up a FREE consultation and ask questions.

For more information on how your kitchen can provide maximize value, contact Syata Kitchens at  (410) 363-4200 .

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